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ECP Name Change

How to send claims on the New Alveo (ECP) website

When you login to the website, it will take you to the home dashboard page that lists informational data like top 10 payers in the last 30 days and top 10 insurance carrier rejections.  News items are also on the home dashboard page that may list important items to look at like individual rejections. 

  1. Build batch in PCN and transfer to PC as usual.
  2. Login to Ecp (Alveo) website as usual.
  3. At dashboard on the top left>click claim management>click send claims>choose file as usual and upload
  4. After transmission, wait a minute or two and then on menu to the left>click on reports>you will same menu as before and click the file labeled current to see new reports to download and/or print.  Logoff.

To check claim status (tracker)

ECP plus is now called claim tracker.  When logged into website, look to the menu on the top left> click claim management> claim tracker> now will see the previous batches as before and functionality is the same. 

How to download ERA

When logged into website, look to the menu on the top left>click payment management> ERAs>check box for ERA you want to download and click download selected as usual.  On the previous menu, an option called ERA pdf allows you to view the ERA but not download it.  You can print the pdf. 

Searching for payer codes

When logged into website, look to the menu on the top left>click resources> click payer list>search as usual by name of plan or payer code.

Under resources in the menu on the top left, you will find news and alerts as well as an ICD10 lookup feature. 

The patient eligibility is a pay for feature to check eligibility.  Analytics will be report feature that will be enhanced in the future. 

Download these intstructions


How is ICD-10 going?

October 1, 2015 has come and gone.  We hope the preparations you have completed has helped the transition process.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 214-750-1144.

As always, we are here for you!


Meaningful Use Attestation

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