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Tachyon Enterprises, Inc. (TEI) was established in Dallas, Texas, in 1985. To be honest, our goal was to provide a fair income for ownership and staff in return for high quality products and excellent support.

We felt that our best opportunities lay in providing computer systems (hardware, software, training and continuing support) to physicians and physician groups. After a thorough search of medical practice management systems, we selected Wallaby Software as our premier product. In review after review Wallaby was rated at the top of its class. In 1994, Physician Computer Network, Inc. acquired Wallaby and changed the name of the software product to PCN Health Network (PCN, for short). We continue to sell and support PCN nationwide, and we currently have PCN customers in 24 states.

The current owner of PCN is Vitera Software, a company which successfully developed and marketed many well-known software products.  Recently Vitera entered the medical software market by purchasing MEDICAL MANAGER, PCN, MENDS and other related products.

Though continuing to enhance the earlier products (PCN included), Vitera’s “flagship” combined EHR, Practice Management and Document Management System is INTERGY, the new standard in the medical software industry. INTERGY is a true integrated system with all components on a single server. Tachyon Enterprises, Inc. is a channel partner, or dealer, for INTERGY, and the response among physicians and their staffs to this product has been overwhelmingly positive. INTERGY is CCHIT-certified, and Vitera guarantees that INTERGY will meet all certification criteria for “meaningful use” of EHRs.

For current PCN practice management users the conversion to INTERGY is easy. We can transfer all PCN data, including financial, or just demographic data and future appointments to INTERGY. Be assured that our INTERGY training and support is of the same high quality that you always received from us for PCN.

A third software product for medical practices which we market and support is Drs (short for “Document Retrieval System”), a paperless office solution which interfaces with PCN practice management. Document Retrieval System is a HIPAA compliant, easy to use document management system that can quickly and smoothly turn your entire practice into a paperless environment.


STEVEN T. KRUGER, PH.D. is the founder and President of Tachyon Enterprises, Inc. Steve received his Ph.D. in Space Science / Physics from Rice University. He was a university lecturer and researcher in Israel for several years. He also has an M.B.A. from SMU. Steve was a co-partner in a software development firm from 1979-1985, and in 1985 he founded Tachyon Enterprises, Inc.

For more information please contact us at 214-750-1144 or email us at info@teisys.com

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